Beijing Yuetan Sports Center

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Not for applause interpretation, not deliberate Conquest
Only the sweat of hard work turns into the footsteps of pursuit.
Steady faith in heart, steady pace under foot
You tell a constant truth with your actions
There is no longer road than feet.
There is no mountain higher than man.
Work hard with your perseverance

To greet the final flowers and applause

Beijing Yuetan Sports Center covers an area of 10027 square meters. It is a multi-functional and comprehensive modern gymnasium. It is the closest competition venue in the Asian Games venue to the city center. He has hosted judo competitions of Asian Games, Pan-Pacific Judo Championships and Asian Handball Championships. It is also the earliest Asian Games venue open to the public in Beijing.

In the renovation project of Yuetan Sports Center, the at sound brand has successfully won the bid after several rounds of unexpected investment and audition. Fortunately, I have participated in the reconstruction of this sports arena with countless honors. The sound system is developed and designed by experienced at acoustics engineers and electronic engineers to create the first-class sound effects of stadiums and Gymnasiums in line with national standards.

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