Wuhu Olympic Sports Center, Anhui Province

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Anhui Wuhu Olympic Sports Center is located in Chengnan New District of Wuhu City. In order to meet the Tenth National Games of Anhui Province in 2002, a modern sports park with sports culture as its connotation, sports competition as its standard and national fitness as its content has been elaborately built. At present, the total area of the center is 30.8 hectares (462 mu), with a total building area of 113627_. It is mainly a venue and a center, that is to accommodate 40,000 people. The main stadium, 5500 people's comprehensive gymnasium, Shooting Center at 10-50 meters target, part of the external environment greening and landscape are the landmark buildings of Wuhu City built by the government with an investment of 670 million yuan. It is one of the city's external image projects. It is also a new comprehensive venue for many large-scale literary and artistic performances, international single events and domestic comprehensive events.

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