M382 intelligent mixer has been widely used in conference venues, lecture halls, multimedia classrooms and radio stations. Work language is clear and easy to operate. At the same time, it can eliminate or weaken the feedback in these places to the greatest extent. The conference system composed of intelligent mixers is an ideal solution. It is more fidelity, better signal-to-noise ratio and wider frequency response than hand-in-hand conference system, which is recognized by the industry. Priority settings: Each channel can be set as a priority channel. When the priority channel speaks, the other channels will automatically attenuate - 40dB. The automatic language opening circuit has the function of suppressing feedback scream. Extended series connection, simple and convenient, function unchanged. Optional gooseneck conference microphone.


Input impedance: MIC 3300Ω
Output impedance: LINE 330Ω AU x 2.2KΩ
Maximum input level: - 18dBV Standard input level: - 43dBV
Maximum output level: +15dBV * Maximum gain: 58dB
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz * THD+N:0.06%
Illusion Power Supply: +48V
Control voltage: +5V
Power supply: AC220V/50Hz
Power consumption: 12W
Host Size: 430 x 44 x 238 mm

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