Lianyungang Industrial Investment Group

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Lianyungang Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. is based on the former Jinqiao Salinization Group as the main body, optimizing the integration of Aoshen Group, Jinhai Investment Company, Runcai Company and other state-owned industrial sector assets. Business scope covers key industries, major project investment, asset management, capital operation, industrial project development and other businesses. Industrial Investment Group, as the representative of the investor and implementing institution of the industrial investment project authorized by the municipal government, is not only the main body of the development, construction, operation and investment and financing of industrial resources in our city, but also the main body of the integration of industrial resources and assets in our city, assuming the responsibility of maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets. It has four functions: guiding high-tech industries, promoting industrial transformation, serving the development of enterprises, and investing in major projects. It is an important grasp for municipal Party committees and municipal governments to implement the strategy of "strong industry and prosperous industry". Lianyungang Industrial Investment Group Conference Room and Multifunctional Hall adopt at audio products.

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