Xinyang Customs of Henan Province

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Xinyang Customs was established on February 10, 2011. It is located in Yangshan New Area, a beautiful and livable city, Xinyang. It belongs to Zhengzhou Customs.


Xinyang's export-oriented economy has developed well, and the scale of import and export trade has been expanding. Previously, due to the absence of customs agencies, import and export commodities in Xinyang need to be declared at Nanyang Customs, which has affected the import and export work to a certain extent. The establishment of Xinyang Customs is of great significance for promoting the rapid development of export-oriented economy in Xinyang, facilitating enterprises to handle import and export customs clearance business, effectively reducing enterprise logistics costs, attracting the agglomeration of export processing, trade and logistics enterprises and the agglomeration of commodity flow, human flow and capital flow.

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