Panzhihua School of Economics, Trade and Tourism

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Panzhihua Economic, Trade and Tourism School is sponsored by the Panzhihua Municipal Government and managed by the Municipal Education Bureau. It is a key secondary vocational school and a construction unit of the National Model School for the Reform and Development of Secondary Vocational Education.

Panzhihua School of Economics, Trade and Tourism acoustics system uses at sound brand to provide a complete set of design and construction programs. At acoustics engineers use sound field simulation analysis software to pre-listen and adjust the design schemes for different locations, and use computer sound field digital simulation technology and years of school engineering design experience to ensure sound field coverage to achieve complete consistency. Twelve TLA210 linear array sound systems were selected as the main amplifier, and four TLA18B linear array ultra-low frequency loudspeakers were selected as the main amplifier. They were hung on both sides of the performance area, and equipped with four TLA218 ultra-heavy bass and six NR15 audible reverberation sound and other peripheral equipment. It also reserved room for future expansion and flexible use.

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